How is the money for the event utilized? 

The cost of your tickets is determined by the average ticket price being approximately $10 per ticket. So for 250 tickets, the cost would be an estimate of $2,500. There are event fees that theatres may have, and we included this in the average ticket estimate here. All ticket and event prices are quoted and determined by the theatre.

Can we hold our event in a church, event center, or playhouse theatre? 

During the theatrical window, contractually we are only allowed to show the film in theatres that have first run films (i.e. theatres that play new films regularly). For theatre buy out events the week of February 16th, theatres that play first run films are the only options. Our team is here to help you identify your options and facilitate a great event for you and your attendees.

Can I get tickets at a discounted price? 

We currently have set, special group ticket rates at AMC ($8/ticket), Regal ($8.75/ticket), and Cinemark ($8/ticket), pending theater approval. If your theater is not one of these chains we will need to wait for an official quote from the theater as ticket pricing is on a per-theater basis.

Can I book the theater event on my own, going direct to the theater?

In order to schedule and deliver the digital film file to a theater, all booking must go through or be approved by the Pure Flix team. Once there is a group event reservation in place between Pure Flix and your organization, then we can connect with the theatre to book your event. If you’ve already written a contract direct with the theater locally, that does not mean that the film will actually be playing there unless our team has booked it. For this reason, all group events are to be booked through the Pure Flix Team because this guarantees the film will be shown in your market. Once the movie is booked to show, we can work with you and the theatre on event logistics/event contracts at that time.

Do I have to purchase 250 or more tickets?

In order to host a pre-release event before February 15, the answer is yes, you need to purchase 250 or more tickets at one theater location. If you would like to do a smaller group event, then you would just need to plan for and host your event on or after the 15th, but your event will not include the pre-release, pre-show titled “Finish Strong” and your resources kit would be different.

What is the minimum to qualify for an opening week theater group?

We are only able to book groups that qualify for a full theater buyout. The smallest auditorium size varies per theater, so please let us know your group size. If your group does not qualify for a full theater buyout, our team will direct you on how to purchase tickets to accommodate your group.

What does a pre-release event include?

  • 250 or more tickets (based on auditorium(s) size(s) and selection)
  • “Own” your auditorium(s) for the night
  • Special pre-show featuring modern day heroes discussing how to FINISH STRONG in today’s society (15 minutes)
  • Access to set up before your event start time
  • Option for lobby space if you want to set up a red carpet and step-and-repeat
  • Option to open and close with a special greeting
  • Option to add on a micro-phone (fees apply)
  • Option to show a video (pending theater approval and fees will apply)
  • Physical Event Promotional Kit  
    • Mini movie posters (25 printed in kit)
    • Resource DVD with trailers, and additional clips
    • Resource Event Guide (1)
    • Small Group Study Leader’s Guide (50 printed in kit)
    • Invite cards (250 6-packs printed in kit)
    • Bookmarks (250 printed in kit)
  • Digital Kit: Web banners, social memes, and additional materials to use for promotions

What does an opening week theater buyout event include?

  • Every seat in the auditorium you selected
  • “Own” your auditorium(s) for the night
  • Option to open and close with a special greeting
  • Option to add on a micro-phone (fees apply)
  • Option to show a video (pending theater approval and fees will apply)
  • Church Kit 
    • Resource DVD with four clips from the Samson film, the movie trailer, and a countdown clock
    • Four customizable sermons
    • Four sermon bumper videos
    • Weekly small group discussion questions
    • Seven web graphics
    • Fifteen social media graphics
    • Campaign Planning Guide
    • Product Samples
    • PowerPoint templates and bulletin insert template
    • Printable movie poster
  • Digital Kit: Web banners, social memes, and additional materials to use for promotions

  • Shipping begins January 22

If my group is not a theater buyout, am I still able to receive a church kit? 

With proof of purchase for groups of 50 or more, Pure Flix will send a Samson book at no cost to you. Church kits can also be purchased separately.

What comes in the Pre-Release Movie Package? 

(These will be shipped out after payment is made, and will take 5-7 business days to arrive.)

  • Included in the FINISH STRONG Movie Kit:
    • Mini movie posters
    • Resource DVD with trailers, and additional clips
    • Resource Event Guide
    • Small Group Study Leader’s Guide
    • Additional Event Resources
  • Digital Kit: Web banners, social memes, and additional materials to use for promotions
  • Materials Included At Theater Location: Black stanchions (pending theatre approval)
  • Optional, Add-On Items:
  • Step & Repeat with Movie Art

Can I get my resources kit in advance to help with promotion and planning? 

Yes, with a non-refundable deposit of $50 Pure Flix will send your event kit in advance. If you proceed with booking your event this will be deducted from your total cost before payment.

How do I order the step and repeat, red carpet, or additional materials? 

Orders for step and repeats as well as additional materials, will be available at samsonmovieevents.com/eventresources

What is the turnaround time for the step and repeat order? 
5 days of production after it is approved, 1 day fulfillment, and road time. You should order at minimum, 2-3 weeks before your event.

What is the deadline to ensure delivery of a step and repeat before February 10 (a few days before events)?
3 weeks before your event date.

Can we customize resource promotional materials? 

All resources are pre-approved by the studio to use as they are given. Any changes must be sent to groups@pureflixalliance.com for approval. If you would like our team to customize or print your materials, fees may apply.  Requests can be made at http://samsonmovieevents.com/eventresources  

How do I pay for my group event? 

We will send you the payment options and procedures upon receiving the quote from your theater. The payment will be due within 48 hours.

If I book a pre-release group event will I be the only event at my theater on that day? 

No, for Samson Pure Flix is not promising exclusive right to theaters and/or cities for all pre-screening events.

Is $2.5K the total cost?

The total cost will be approximately $2,500 to cover the cost of 250 tickets, utilization of the theater and the resources kit. Additional resources like the red carpet and back-drop are added costs to consider. Actual costs may be a little less, or in some cases more, as final pricing is defined and quoted by the theater.

Optional Items:

  • Step & Repeat with Movie Art: This is a jumbo banner at 9'8"x7'2" with a click it stand / stretch fabric sleeve banner, and this would cost $370
  • Red Carpet (Pricing to be quoted)
    *Shipping & Handling are not included in above prices.

Do we distribute and re-sell the tickets? How do we do this? 

Yes, it is your responsibility to distribute the tickets. We've had groups use Eventbrite as an online platform for payment and distribution of their purchased tickets. Our team has ticket vouchers that you can customize and use for your ticket distribution. Some groups give away tickets, some are selling tickets for cost, and some give them away with a donation to their organization.

Can we book the theater ourselves?

In order to be sure the film gets into a theater, it must be booked by our team.

Can we sell food/drinks at the theater where we are hosting?

The theater’s concessions are the only concessions available for guests to have in the theater. Some theaters allow outside concessions; however, this is on a per-theater policy basis and fees may apply. Prior approval is always necessary.

Where can I purchase the Samson novelization?

For Orders, Contact Spring Page

800-283-8494 x 2


Option A:

36+ books 45% and free shipping

108+ books 48% and free shipping

252 + books 52% and free shipping

Option B:
Get a group discount code that correlates to your church. Send congregation to www.givingtons.com/samson where they use the discount code that gives them free shipping and your church receives 10% of the sale. Contact Spring Page for more information.

Where can I purchase the Samson Music CD?

Tisha Sanchez




$1.75 per unit (100 qty)

$1.65 per unit (200 qty)

$1.45 per unit (500 qty)

$1.19 per unit (1000 qty)

Quotes will be provided for orders more than 1000 qty.

What options do you have for other languages, subtitles, or audio descriptions?

Our films include Audio Description for the visually impaired and Closed Captions for the hearing impaired, and we have the option of playing an Open Caption version (English Captions play on screen) and Spanish Subtitle version (Spanish subtitles play on screen) upon group request. There is also an option for Spanish Dubbed upon request.

Who is my primary contact at Pure Flix? 

Kristine is available to answer any questions you have and will reach out to other Pure Flix team members for any additional assistance. We are here to serve you!

You also can visit SamsonMovieEvents.com any time!

Kristine Cunningham

Group Sales Manager

Email: groups@pureflixalliance.com

Samson pre-release movie event PACKAGE DETAILS

By committing to a minimum of 250 tickets, you will become a Premiere Partner. You will receive a turn-key instructional package for staging a successful event, including:

  • Pre-Release Movie Event How To Guide
  • Event Invites
  • Press release template to local media to attract coverage
  • Promotional inserts (web banners, newsletter banners)
  • Bulletin Insert
  • PPT Announcement Slide Template
  • Bookmarks and other handouts for event
  • Option to purchase a red carpet and back-drop for your event

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